Infrastructure Development of Harisiddhi Secondary School

 We have successfully completed a project of creating an infrastructure with 8 rooms in Harisiddhi Secondary School of Sipali VDC of Kavre. The concrete building is certified as earthquake resist of up to 8.5 Richter scale. The constructed rooms have sufficient lights and are child-friendly. The capacity of building is 300 students.


ChildSpace Foundation also successfully conducted building construction project as planned for Kanpur Higher Secondary School. The completed infrastructure involves 4-roomed concrete building. This building is 8.5 rectors earthquake resistant which is certified by Building Division branch office Kavre. The building is children friendly with open space for sufficient light and air. The capacity of each room is 30-40 students. This building construction project is performed in collaboration with District Education Office, District Development Office and Village Development Committee Kanpur. The fund incurred in this project is internal fund of ChildSpace raised through different sources and individuals. In collaboration with Childreach International UK, we finished construction on a four-room structurally-sound, child-friendly building at Roshi Higher Secondary School in 2011.