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Board Members

Mr. Tasi Lama Tamang
Tasi is the Founder and Chairman of Childspace Foundation Nepal. He is the vice-chair of International Tamang Council and the Managing Director of Bluespace International Travel Guides Cooperative. He has been directly involved in various social projects aimed at establishing human rights particularly indigenous rights in Nepal, providing a voice for the people belonging to these marginalized communities. He is currently actively involved in the Civil Society Movement working to rebuild the infrastructure damaged by the earthquake in Nepal.

Mr. Maila Tamang (Mountaineer)
Vice Chairman
Mr. Tamang is the vice Chair of Childspace and is a well-known expedition cook for mountaineers, highly acclaimed for being the first ever cook to scale Mount Everest. Besides Maila’s involvement with Childspace, instead of relying on local charities he uses his own funds to undertake such projects and sponsors.


Mr. Gyan Bahadur Lama
Gyan Bahadur is the secretary of ChildSpace. He has been teaching for more than fifteen years in Roshi Secondary School where Childspace has undertaken various educational projects.


Ms. Shashikala Moktan (Singer)
Shashikala Moktan is a famous singer within tamang community. Beside Childspace, he has been actively involved in promoting Tamang culture and music through Tamang Artist Association.



Dr. Mukta Singh Thokar, Anthropologist
Dr. Mukta is a professor of Anthropology in Tribhuvan University. He is a highly acclaimed Human Rights activist and leader of indigenous movements in Nepal and coordinates for the Tamang Civil Society.


Mrs. Kumari Moktan, Parliamentarian
Kumari Moktan was previously a member of Parliament of Nepal and political leader for the Maoist party. She now plays a significant role in the advocating of the rights for women from minority groups


Mr. Ben Gilbert
Ben Gilbert is a founder of Bluespace Internaitonal Travela Guide Cooperative and has well-traveled within the Himalayan area and indigenous communities and is well-versed in Nepalese culture.