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Chilldspace Foundation Activities-1 Nov 2016
2 Mar
  • ChildSpace Foundation

ChildSpace Foundation Nepal (formerly Helping Society Nepal) is a non-profit NGO established in 2003. We are an initiative founded by a group of individuals from the central hilly region of Nepal, most of whom belong to the Tamang ethnic minority group.
ChildSpace Foundation Nepal’s main aim is to promote awareness of and better implement the Convention on Rights of Children (CRC) in Nepal by ensuring greater equality for marginalized communities, namely children and women, and provide access to services, opportunities and power in the decision-making process. Our other aims are to ensure the rights of indigenous people and deprived communities and to continue to work for lasting peace and the promotion of Human Rights in Nepal.
To achieve these goals, ChildSpace Foundation Nepal conducts activities of mass awareness campaigns, empowerment, infrastructure development and policy advocacy.