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Major Activities of Childspace Foundation
2 Mar
  • ChildSpace Foundation

Create awareness surrounding sexual exploitation, trafficking and illegal migration.

With the involvement of the Gender and Social Development Specialist, interactive discussions within the schools teachers and local communities on the problems related to the girls’ education, girls’ trafficking, sexual exploitation and unsafe migration is conducted regularly.

The students studying in grade 9 to 12 getting special interactive classes on girls education, trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children. We have stipulated these ages as these are the ages where girls are most vulnerable to sexual exploitation and trafficking. Generally, schools in Nepal allocate Friday afternoons as leisure time in order to promote co-curricular activities. This project with effective coordination with the Schools Management Committees will utilize Friday afternoons for orientation programs to student on CSEC and trafficking. Those children participating in orientation classes will be encouraged to disseminate information on trafficking to their friends, relatives, villagers and family members.