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Establishing the Rights of Marginalized Indigenous Tamang Children through Culturally Sensitive Learning Environment in schools (2013/14 and 2015-2017)
In support of KIOS Foundation Finland

This project is developed as the continuation of a previous pilot project lasting one year (2013/14), and is based on lessons learnt and findings of it. This project promotes a broad framework of cultural rights, which includes socio-cultural and linguistic rights of marginalized Tamang children in education.

Chilspace Foundation Nepal runs this project in collaboration with KIOS Foundation, Finland which aims to lay the necessary ground work for children from ethnic minorities to create culturally sensitive learning environment in formal education system, through the establishment of a state-endorsed mechanism, thereby promoting the rights of ethnic minorities to live in a dignified way, following their own cultural values.

The project is running in 12 state run schools in the districts of Kavre and Nuwakot. To attain the target outcomes of the project, activities such as seminar at central level, open forum and radio programs is being conducted successfully. Local level textbooks production, teaching skill training, reference books and IEC material are also published to promote culturally sensitive learning process.

This project develops 7 schools as model schools with 5 schools from the neighboring schools of the model schools as supporting schools. The libraries of the model schools is being restructured and added with different books related to Tamang identity (history, culture, language, geography, story, literature, belief, etc). In extracurricular activities, Tamang identity-related activities are added i.e. cultural program, sports, painting and others. In order to facilitate these activities in daily basis a facilitator will be provided in each model schools.